What's it all about?

This app is designed for anybody who likes thinking,
wants to know more about Atheism, or just wants quotes that may help you get you through your day.

Why Atheism is a good thing?

  • Religion is killing people, is the main cause of war, and holds back science/technology advancement.
  • Atheism is about having an open mind and being kind to everyone, not hating certain people because an old book tells you they are evil.
  • Countries with more Atheists tend to have less violence, hatred, and crime.


  • Over 2000 quotes to share on Facebook, twitter, and email
  • Atheism debating points and facts
  • Access to reddit.com/r/atheism, an incredible community of atheists.
  • Add your favorite quotes to your favorites list


  • Atheism works with all iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) running version 5.0 software or later.